External gps antenna amplifier to solve car navigation GPSweak signal,a GPS receiving antenna and transmitting module in vehicle

External gps antenna amplifier to solve car navigation GPSweak signal,a GPS receiving antenna and transmitting module in vehicle

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Features: to solve the car GPS signal is weak, can not receive satellite signals

Line length: 3 m – 5 m

The latest generation GPS antenna sensor, solve the GPS for the car sticker affect GPS search star positioning problem, to introduce the car GPS reception car amplifier for the use of the car GPS navigation devices

Advantages: in the car anywhere, in any way using any of the navigation equipment, after adopting the repeater, can achieve very good GPS reception.

Equipment mainly by the receiving antenna is placed on a Gao Gan degrees outside, then by forwarding module, radiation to the car, car GPS signals just as good as outside, more supply multiple GPS devices to receive to use at the same time.

Method of use:

1, will chuck adsorption in front of the car window above middle or vice driver’s former top position.

2, adsorption will receive antenna on the roof, the transmitting antenna adsorption on the suction cup round plate.

3, insert special power plug into the car cigarette lighter outlet, open handsets, can receive GPS signals.

Induction of the antenna scope of application:

1, the weak signal of the car, indoor

2, all weak signals in the navigator

3, all GPS navigation signal is a mobile phone

4, posted after explosion-proof membrane, automotive GPS positioning

5, indoor no GPS signal, navigator can’t locate

6, workshop no signal, GPS can’t test

GPS induction of antenna:

Power plug, the plug of the USB interface, provide antenna working voltage, form a complete set of car cigarette mouth turn USB power supply plug

Receiver: installed on the outside, receive outside strong GPS signals, and amplification, and transmitted to the car.

Transmitter: installed on the car, the transmission of the receiver to the signal after amplification, again to lift the car, make the car navigation device to receive the equivalent of three or four times the strength of the signal.

Induction of the antenna installation:

Receiver adsorption in the car on the location, such as the trunk; Cable from the car after yixiang door or the back door into the car, then go under the floor mat to control the audience, good connection launcher, put transmitters on store content box or on the instrument panel, finally it starts working just by turning on the power supply.

Q: the length of the antenna is a few meters?

Answer: the antenna cable between the receiver and transmitter is 5 meters, antenna transmitting terminal and the power of the cable is 0.8 meters

Q: the length of the antenna can lengthen?

A: the length of the cable can be a little bit longer, but not too long, too long will signal attenuation, if to lengthen, in order to guarantee effect, longer part should be within 1.5 meters, pat, can be in buyers comments, generally can be sent in the day, the next day the latest shipment.

Q: can antenna of the receiver on the tail box inside or rear window below?

Answer: because each car is different, we are not sure on the effect of these places, can only wait until after receiving try to know. Each car of the tin thickness is different, above the glass sticker is different also, we can guarantee is the receiver in a car, a minute or so, ten or so.

Q: I want to cover the antenna of the receiver, the installed in what place?

Answer: according to the different models, there are several places to choose from: tail lamp shade, and under the bumper, licence under the lamp beside, automobile tail and so on, to install where less metal cover for the principle.

Q: the antenna radiation big?

Answer: this kind of antenna transmission power is very small, less than one percent of cell phone transmission power, can be at ease use.

Q: the antenna need to connect the navigator?

A: no, no cable connection between the antenna and navigator, simply put transmitter near navigator, navigator can receive very strong signal.

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